About Max

Hi, I’m Dr. Max Tokarsky and I’m thankful you’ve chosen to visit my site. I’m a professional psychologist and teacher from Dayton, Ohio who specializes in child and family mental health.

Here are some things about me you may find interesting:

  • My pronouns are He/Him/His
  • I am Thai and Polish and grew up in Ohio practicing aspects of each ethnic heritage including both Buddhism and Catholicism
  • I ordained as a Buddhist monk in Bangkok, Thailand for 35 days in late 2007
  • I learned Spanish in school and use it in my work everyday
  • I pursued a career in psychology due to my experiences working with children in Dayton, Ohio as a teacher and mentor
  • In 2016 I was selected as a Predoctoral Minority Fellow of the American Psychological Association for my commitment to work with racial and ethnic minorities
  • I am thankful my parents have devoted their lives to my success and I have been able to succeed because of their constant support

My special interests include:

  • mindfulness, play and art therapies, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), parent-child interaction therapy
  • living between cultures, acculturation, and immigration
  • identity development, especially for multiracials and Asian Americans of multiple heritages https://www.facebook.com/doaamh.aapa/
  • community advocacy
  • public education
  • anxiety, disruptive behaviors, developmental disability including ASD & ADHD, and psychological adjustment to medically-complex conditions
  • bilingual and multicultural practice, ethical use of interpreters and second language skills
  • Me gusta ver a los clientes quienes hablan español