In my own words

Here is the first version of my manifesting blog piece you may have seen elsewhere. It’s a bit more personal and vulnerable, which is so much like me!

New Year’s Resolutions and Tricks for Manifesting

Are you ready to change your life? I know I am. I’m already doing it every day. I’m loving myself more, healing old wounds, getting in shape, becoming the person I am destined to be, and feeling fulfilled by the journey. If I haven’t lost your interest yet, keep reading so that you can learn from my personal experience. Here is your first trick: Just keep going forward.

What does your resolution tell you about yourself? I resolve to have six-pack abs…It would be unrealistic for me to tell myself at 36-years-old that this is the year I turn my buddha-belly into a six-pack. It’s been with me since I was in the fifth grade and the stretch marks on it wouldn’t go well with a six-pack. However, my resolution tells me that I am seeking an aesthetic change to my body, I am motivated by vanity, and I would likely benefit from also working on body-image. I am not ashamed to admit to myself that all of the things my unrealistic resolution says about me are true. Now that I am informed via self-reflection, let me improve my resolution. I resolve to look and feel better and to learn to love my body. This is something I know I can do. Also, I can make incremental progress with small goals like “This week I will ride my bike twice,” “This weekend I will choose healthy foods four out of six meals,” or “Before work today, I am going to look in the mirror and speak some love on my sexy self.” Here are some more tricks for you: Think about the long-term goal with a focus on short-term steps, climb one step at a time.

Who can you tell about your resolution? I resolve to drink less alcohol. It feels vulnerable to share, but I am cutting back and I know that goals become real when other people know them. Also, many of my relationships were once centered on social drinking. However, I know my true friends will respect my choice to avoid the bar, to go there sober, or to pace myself while they indulge. They still ask me out and help me to feel more capable just by knowing my intention. Furthermore, they don’t judge me for being inconsistent and they don’t hold it over my head. These tricks are for me: Give permission to regress, hold onto positivity, and celebrate success with planned rewards.

Are you honestly trying? No, I am manifesting. I am striving for a balance between working toward a goal and loving the part of myself that is not satisfied with me as I am. This two-tiered approach is helping me to cultivate change that sticks. I took a healthy eating class this year and it helped me to realize that my approach to dieting and weight-loss was stressful and joyless. I was better prepared to succeed when my self-talk changed from “I need to eat healthier because I feel overweight” to “I try to eat well because I love myself.” Some ways I have supported myself and my changes are: I wrote myself love notes on my mirror and refrigerator; I created artwork as a visual reminder of my sobriety; I made a point system to record my self-care behaviors including healthy meals, meditation, sleep, and exercise. Your parting tricks are: Seek balance in all areas of life, Act out of love for yourself, and Start right now!